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ELV offers assistance when you need it and independence when you want it.  We make ourselves readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day..  Our services are typically offered in the following manner:

  • Hourly Care- This option is where we meet our clients on as-desired hourly appointments. They can range from errand running, in-home check up’s, transportation needs, or just visitation.  These visits are scheduled in advance.

  • Part-Time Care - This option is where our assistants are available on shifts up to six hours.  They can either be live-in or live-out depending on the arrangements. 

  • Full-Time Care – This option is where assistance is requested to be fulltime.  We offer 8, 12, & 24 hour shifts.  Most of these are live-in arrangements.  Although the assistant will have sleep/break times, they will still be available to respond at all times of their shift.

  • Individualized Care – We understand that some situations require special attention. This program is specialized to address any circumstance.  Contact ELV directly to discuss this option.  Your satisfaction is paramount…

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